The course planner

The next generation of course management - from practice for practice

You will be enthusiastic!

Using our course management system gives you the opportunity to concentrate on your core tasks and offer your customers a very special service with little effort. It was created in 2015 due to the challenge of finding a compact frame for the many different daily requirements. We have succeeded in creating a high-quality and highly customer-oriented solution. Satisfied customers thank you with loyalty and their recommendation. You gain new customers while you can devote yourself entirely to quality assurance or even expanding your range of services. You can safely leave the administrative area to the system. It meets you at the point where the complexity of your administrative workload could jeopardize your performance standards or your expansion. Course management serves as an interface between you and your customers. It simplifies daily support, guarantees the targeted marketing of your range of services and offers you unimagined possibilities for evaluating your business. You gain valuable transparency about your success.


No extensive training or technical expertise is necessary. The management software works like a classic website.


You don't have to worry about the ongoing operation of software and hardware. Your focus falls back on your core business.


The course management combines the most diverse facets in just one program. This saves you from having to use multiple individual applications.


You don't need an expensive IT infrastructure - it's a classic software-as-a-service system with a transparent cost model.

Reachable everywhere

Whether in the office or on the go - you have access to your data from anywhere in the world - all you need is an up-to-date internet browser.



Direct online booking via our course planner



Continuous use of the system by end customers



Regular management and transparency via mobile devices

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Please find out more about the course planner on the product page created especially for this purpose by clicking on the link below.