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AquaCycling dank Förderprogramm
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Under the working title “Get FIT, stay HEALTHY – Modern course management with aquabikes for the Klutertbad”, the Klutertbad joined the NRW funding program.

Under the motto VITAL (Responsible, Innovative, Active, Attractive and Rural), the state made a total of €1.15 million in funding available for implementation in various projects in the Ennepe.Zukunft.Ruhr rural area.

The managing director of AquaKinetics conducted the interview with Volker Külpmann (VK).

Mr. Külpmann, how did you choose the offer that has now been introduced in your bathroom?

VK: A modern range of aqua courses should be varied, independent of age and suitable for every level of physical fitness. The expansion of the offering with attractive and varied courses helps to expand the target groups for preventive and rehabilitative sports options and to address them with new types of fitness equipment.

How much funding does the state have? of 65% of the acquisition costs for implementation contributed to the measure?

VK: An important point in obtaining funding for the project was our precise objectives and description of the measure. The focus was on creating an affordable course program for everyone and achieving all goals, whether losing weight, increasing endurance or physical fitness, protecting against illnesses and injuries or restoring mobility after accidents, injuries or illnesses. The manufacturer has over 30 scientific papers on the subject of aqua fitness equipment, which gave us a high level of security for use.

It was just the development of new target groups taking into account the expected Is medical improvement in the initial situation of your participants a decision-making criterion?

VK: No – other factors also played an equally important role in the selection. The well-known target group, which was often mistakenly seen in connection with senior sports, should be inspired by the younger age groups for the topic of aqua fitness. Only through the significant support from the state could the economic component of the payback be strong
reduced, which is reflected in the family-friendly pricing, was made affordable and thus reflected additional attractiveness in the offer.

What was the deciding factor for the Aquarider®?

VK: Overall, our application was very well received by the jury on all points. The fact that AquaKinetics was awarded the contract for these bikes despite the different acquisition costs for the Aquarider compared to the other providers was also due to the fact that the products have been manufactured 100% in Teningen, Baden, since 2004. AquaKinetics is therefore the only manufacturer in the DACH region, which ensures a high level of sustainability. What was crucial, however, was the certification of the Aquarider® in accordance with the latest EU guidelines regarding the Medical Devices Act. AquaKinetics is therefore the only manufacturer in the DACH region with this qualification. Such courses in the area of ​​prevention and rehabilitation may only be offered with products that are MDR certified. Monitoring is subject to the responsible regional councils. The training of the course leaders in the AquaKinetics Academy according to the curriculum of the University of Freiburg, Institute for Sport and Sports Science was also rated positively. So everything came from one source: the previous one
Advice, sustainable production in the country in conjunction with the training of the course instructors, the certificates and the manufacturer's extensive experience with its own offerings in the area of ​​aqua fitness and swimming courses.

Was the funding limited to the purchase of the Aquarider®?

VK: In addition to the 10 Aquariders®, we have also included the training of course instructors in the amount to be funded. In the second quarter
In 2022 we received a funding notice of €14,590 with total eligible expenses for the project of €22,447. This corresponds to a funding amount of 65%.

What were the next steps until the course offering was introduced?

VK: On the day of the positive decision, the order for the Aquarider® was placed and about 10 days later the bikes were already in our bathroom. This was followed by the training of the course leaders. The first two trainers successfully completed their training at the Huntebad in Oldenburg in July. The company also received the contract there and carried out further training for the course instructors. To our delight, another training course was then held with the Academy in our Klutertbad. Two of our trainers also took part here and were able to complete the training with their certificate at the end of the two-day course. Carrying out the course in-house was a great event for us. In addition to in-house employees, other participants are always invited. This enriches the content and its communication through constructive discussions with 'best practice' examples from others
Approximately 50% of the training participants are old customers - the second half is made up of new customers and interested future providers. To our great joy, the Aqua Kinetics Academy was also very satisfied with the implementation and our organization, so another course with 15 participants was arranged for December 2022 in the Klutertbad in Ennepetal.
As hosts, we have again booked two places here, so that in the future we will be starting with six trainers in our course management. There are currently 6 courses with 10 participants each and they were all fully booked within a short period of time. Plans are currently underway to find additional water times for the courses in order to meet the enormous demand.

Thank you for the interview we had with Volker Külpmann in December 2022. We wish you ALL THE BEST and look forward to further training and further education in the future.

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