The AquaKinetics story

It all started with a vision

AquaKinetics® GmbH - movement in water in Teningen am Kaiserstuhl has been developing, building and selling the patented Aquarider® since 2004. But it was a long way from the invention of the first Aquarider® - with the vision of bringing aquacycling to Germany - to the 6th generation, which was launched in 2020. Join us as we look back at the development of aquacycling in Germany and the milestones that have accompanied us since 2004.

After the Aquarider®, another large device for aqua sports was introduced in 2013. The AquaJumper® - the only underwater trampoline with a coarse-mesh jumping net that allows the water to flow up and down. Another product from AquaKinetics® are the Nordic Aqua Handles, which bring the trend sport Nordic walking into the swimming pool. The latest two products from AquaKinetics® are the Aquarider® [plus] and the Aquarider® 6.0, which were launched on the market in 2019 and 2020.

The AquaKinetics® Academy was launched in 2007. In collaboration with the sports science faculty at the University of Freiburg, a sports science-based training plan was created for prospective Aquarider® trainers. Over time, the AquaKinetics® Academy offering has continued to expand. In addition to the Aquarider® training, the AquaJumper® and AquaFitness training and the ZPP workshops for prevention courses according to §20 now complete the training program.


The first Aquarider®
The first Aquarider ® in Germany will be presented by nemcomed at the INTERBAD in Stuttgart

Olympic Games Athens 2004
Nemcomed is equipping the German Olympic team with medical technology.


Presentation of the Aquarider® at the Medica in Düsseldorf

Certification of the Aquarider® as a medical product according to CE 93/42


MAC – Medical AquaCycling® and Aquarider® are registered as trademarks with the DPMA with worldwide protection.


Aquarider® trainer training
Curriculum as a master's thesis from the Institute for Sport/Sports Science. University of Freiburg

Ergonomic seat and frame geometry
Cycling laboratory Freiburg – Dr. B. Stapelfeld develops the frame geometry for the optimal seating position for the participants

First MAC symposium 'Rehab-Fitness-Competitive Sports' in Bad Waldsee. Management: Prof. Dr. med. H. Löllgen


Move to the Technology Park Teningen with new and larger office and storage rooms

Power measurement with watts
World's first patent application for 'underwater ergometer' with power measurement in watts


Basic research in spiroergometry comparing 'land vs. water' is possible for the first time worldwide


AquaKinetics® Center
Opening of the “First Aquakinetics® Center” in Freiburg with 4 participants in 4 courses per week


2nd AquaKinetics Symposium with the German Sport University Cologne. Scientific management: Prof. Dr. med. W. Bloch


The new Aquarider® 500
Introduction of the new Aquarider® 500 – special development with a particularly low entry for patients

Industrial series production with laser and robot technology

AquaKinetics® Center Freiamt
Opening with aqua fitness and swimming courses – 2018 with 18,000 bookings

First Aquarider® world record
in the AquaKinetics Center Freiamt with 240 participants/100 hours of aqua cycling

London Olympics
Complete delivery and responsibility of medical technology for the Olympic Games


Introduction of the AquaJumper® - the first underwater trampoline with a BA thesis at the DSHS

Aquarider® world record
Set up in Hückeswagen with 114 participants and 150 hours


Cooperation with Bauerfeind – nationwide compact specialist training in lymphology for specialist trade partners

Use of aquacycling with the Aquarider® in the accompanying therapy for lip-lymphedema


Health days in Freiamt with DLRG President and swimming expert Prof. Kurt Wilke from the DSHS Cologne and Kirsten Bruhn, swimming legend with 11 Paralympic medals and 65-time German champion


Bathrooms rent bikes
Introduction of the business area for using the Aquarider® without investment. Rental offer for cities, municipalities and operators

AquaKinetics® Center Freiamt
Development to 600 course participants per week in 58 courses.

Aquarider® world record
Set up in Bad Rodach with 200 participants and 208 hours


Course One
Market launch of the in-house development - cloud-based course management

4. Aquarider® world record
in Düsseldorf with 252 participants and 237 hours

30 scientific studies on the subject of Aquarider® and AquaJumper®


Certification according to §20 Prevention Act
First ZPP certification of a manufacturer with the concept of 'trampoline and aqua fitness'

Trademark protection for AquaJumper®


The new Aquarider® 6.0
Market launch of the Aquarider® 6.0 – for private customers, hotels, small pools - B2C market

Patent protection Aquarider® 6.0
DPMA protection for Aquarider® 6.0 frames, the Aquarider® 6.0 braking system and bearing bushes

Funding from the Federal Ministry of Economics BaWü for innovative CAD/CAM studies of the new Aquarider® 6.0

Exclusive representation of the products in Switzerland by Sport Thieme