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Pedal straps for pedal comfort
saddle Sale price€47,00
Aquarider® Bambini saddle
Aquarider® Bambini saddle Sale price€211,00
Brake plates
Brake plates Sale price€65,00
Protective covers
Protective covers Sale price€3,90
Adjustable foot
Adjustable foot Sale price€4,40
Strapless pedal basket
Strapless pedal basket Sale price€13,00
Clamping locking bolts
Clamping locking bolts Sale price€39,00
Aquarider® special grease for all threads
Drinks bottle holder with insulated bottle
Therapy crank
Therapy crank Sale price€185,00
Pedal basket for comfort pedal as a spare part
Comfort saddle for the Aquarider® 6.0
Comfort pedal for Aquarider 6.0®
Comfort handlebars for the Aquarider® 6.0
Bose maxi speakers
Bose maxi speakers Sale price€558,00
Storage box AquaJumper® adjustable feet