Facts & Figures

The focus is on customer satisfaction

AquaKinetics® GmbH – Movement in Water is the inventor and manufacturer of the Aquarider®, which has been built and sold in Teningen, Baden, since 2004. There are currently several thousand Aquarider®s in pools worldwide. Customer satisfaction is what drives us and is always our focus.


A holistic system – from the invention of the Aquarider® to the implementation of the AquaCycling course for the end customer – is what defines us.

Our customers include public pools, hotels, private individuals as well as rehabilitation clinics and therapy centers. Building on the experiences of our customers and the experiences from our own courses, in conjunction with the latest scientific findings, the Aquarider® is constantly being developed and optimized. The 6th generation of the Aquarider® was only launched in 2020. In order to optimally meet the high quality demands of our customers, the AquaKinetics® Academy was founded. In collaboration with the Sports Institute at the University of Freiburg, a curriculum was developed that enables trained Aquarider® trainers to carry out effective training that is specifically adapted to all target groups. After 13 years, more than 1200 AquaCycling trainers have already been trained in over 115 courses. Within six years and 15 AquaJumper training courses, more than 140 trainers have been trained in AquaJumping.

Do you already know our image film?

Our image film on YouTube offers you a first impression of AquaKinetics and our products. Please click on the link below to watch our film on YouTube.




At our Center Freiamt, we have 600 participants in 58 courses every week



At the AquaKinetics® Academy, over 1,350 trainers have already been trained in aqua jumping and aqua cycling.



The satisfaction of our customers is reflected in their long-term loyalty and a complaint rate of less than 1%.

Global footprint

From our location in Teningen am Kaiserstuhl, we have been supporting our customers all over the world since 2004. The Aquarider® has long been used in more than just German pools. The market was expanded through national representations within and outside European borders.