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Private customers

AquaKinetics® has been the inventor, patent holder and manufacturer of the Aquarider® since 2004. Since then, it has been developed, built and sold exclusively in Teningen, Baden. There are already several thousand Aquarider®s in various pools around the world. The satisfaction of our customers is what drives us and is always the focus of our actions. Due to increasing demand from smaller private pool owners, we have developed the new Aquarider® 6.0. The basis for this is 90% of the components of its big brother, which has since proven itself in daily, tough course use with virtually no maintenance. As a combination and established complement to cycling in the water, training can also be carried out on the AquaJumper®. Training with swing and jumping elements enables intensive training for endurance, strength as well as coordination and, above all, balance skills. All products offered are first used in our own AquaKinetics Center. In 2019 we had over 18,000 guests in 58 different courses and can therefore speak of the largest test laboratory in Germany. Because only what has been found to be good there and tested extensively will find its way into your pool.

AquaRider® 6.0 for home